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Kids Sewing Studio- Approved!

What is the Kids Sewing Studio Curriculum?

After years of teaching children to sew, I teamed up with  two partners, Jen Dulyanai and Bobbi Bullard to create the Kids Sewing Studio line of patterns for children and teens.   The Kids Sewing Studio curriculum consist of  fashionable, easy to follow kids/teens sewing patterns with kid-friendly instructions.   Each pattern set or "class" comes with multiple projects that offer both garments and crafts.   For those friends and loved ones who do not live in our area, Kids Sewing Studio classes are also avalable on DVD, visit  kidssewingstudio.com

How many projects does each Student Pattern Class have?

It varies with each Student Pattern Class, however each set has 2 main projects.  Students start at the A level and will have the opportunity to create tote bags, draw string bags, pajama pants and  pajama shorts, awesome pillowcases, skirts, square neck tops, stuffed animals, headbands, purses and a variety of throw pillows.  Students work at their own pace, and typically the level A projecst will take 5-7 months to complete.  

What is the cost of the Pattern Packet?

The Pattern Class set is $25.00 . 

What patterns will boys use?

Boys will start with the Tote bag/draw string bag, pajama pants and pajama shorts, and pillowcase.  The initial set will be $10.00.  After, we will move to commercial patterns available at the sewing stores.   



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